Finnish Business School Graduates / Suomen Ekonomit

The Finnish Business School Graduates is a central organization for graduates and students in economics and business administration. The Finnish Business School Graduates has over 57,000 individual members. The Finnish Business School Graduates consists of 25 regional associations and 14 student societies.

Finnish Business School graduates offer work-life information and counselling as well as protection of your interest in working life. As a member of Finanssi, you are automatically a member of the Finnish Business School Graduates.

Student Liaison

Student Liaison (kylteriyhdyshenkilö in Finnish) is better known as Kylli, works as a link between students and the Finnish Business School Graduates. Kylli is there for the students and helps with everything related to the benefits and services of the Finnish Business School Graduates.

Emilia Hoikkaniemi
Instagram: @oulunkylli
Facebook: Kylteriyhdyshenkilö Oulu

Alumni Network

Any student or graduate who has completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the Oulu Business School is referred to as aFinanssi alumni. Being a Finanssi alumni supports and strengthens the relationship of a recent graduate to our student organization and faculty. It is an important follow-up to a student membership as the alumni provide our members with priceless glimpses from their career life as well as important networking connections. Finanssi organizes and co-organizes events where our alumni are welcome to join e.g. as guest speakers and experts. In addition, Finanssi organizes several events throughout the year that are open to our alumni.

Finanssi alumni are naturally also Oulu Business School alumni. The University has its own alumni network. Read more about the alumni network and join here.