Board of Directors

The day-to-day business of Finanssi is coordinated by an 11-member board of directors, or “the Board”. The term of the Board is the calendar year. You can contact the Board via personal e-mail addresses or their joined mailing list at The members of the 2022 board of directors and their contact details are listed here.

The official organs of Finanssi are the general assembly and the board of directors. The general assembly elects the board of directors, which in turn follows the yearly plan of operations devised in accordance with the long-term guidelines. The board of directors decides on budgeting, official statements, and proposals from members in their meetings. The board of directors meets to discuss the matters for assemblies and to plan the activities in their evening sessions. The members of the board of directors are rewarded for their work by study credits. Being a member of the board is all about working and experiencing things together, and the skills and networks built there are definitely useful in the future.


Some members of the board also chair their own committees, and thus, their responsibilities are divided between the members of their committee. These are the responsibilities of each member of the board:

  • Representing Finanssi (in OYY, Suomen Ekonomit and other interest groups)
  • Chairing the meetings
  • Coordinating the activities
  • Long-term planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Yearly budget
  • Financial report
  • Budgeting
Head of Social Affairs
  • Cultural and sports affairs
  • The guild room
  • Freshmen
  • Freshman orientation events
  • Ordering the student overalls
Head of NESU Relations
  • Finanssi sitsit parties
  • Crossdisciplinary sitsit parties
  • NESU sitsit parties
  • NESU events in Oulu
Head of Communications
  • Communications
  • Exam archive
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Meeting minutes
  • Mailing list
Head of Projects
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • The Öllövelli pub crawl
  • Nordic Spirit Forum
Head of Academic Affairs
  • Educational matters in the faculty
  • National educational politics
  • Training of student tutors
Head of Events
  • Crossdisciplinary Overall Parties
  • Pre-Christmas Party
  • The Wappu events
  • The annual Ruka trip
  • Other events
Head of Corporate Relations
  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Helsinki excursion
  • Purple Zone benefits
  • Job postings
  • Company visits

Head of Publications
  • Graphic design
  • Photographing
  • Overall patches
Head of International & Masters’ Affairs
  • International Students and Master’s Degree Students
  • The Kummi Program
  • The Alumni Program
  • The Career Path Seminar