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Educational Affairs

Every year, the Finanssi Board of Directors nominates the Head of Academic Affairs, who, together with the Chair of the Board, is in charge of the advancing of interests and advocacy in Finanssi. In addition, many administrative organs and committees have student members from the Oulu Business School. The student advocacy work of Finanssi has historically been well respected, and especially on the faculty level, the opinions of Finanssi are warmly welcomed.

In addition, the Finnish Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit) has a strong presence in educational affairs. The educational advocacy conducted by the Finnish Business School Graduates aims to maintain the prestige of the degrees in economics and the know-how of the graduates. That prestige springs from the students’ and graduates’ professionalism and the ability to adapt their skills in the evolving world.

If you have any queries about your studies, courses or faculty, you can contact Kopo, who will be happy to answer your questions and represent your interests.

Janne Väisänen

Head of Academic Affairs

Student representation in governing bodies

Oulu Business School education committees 2024-2025
Luukas Lohi
Anni Rajaniemi
Chenhao Song (vice member)
Venla Rintala (vice member)
Finanssi’s Head of Academic Affairs has the right to speak and be present at the meetings. Membership of the Education Committee is for two years. The members are elected by the OYY Board from among the students who stand for election.
Oulu Business School faculty board 2024-2025
Jasmin Urpilainen
Juho Väärä (vice member)
Membership of the Faculty Board is for two years. The members are elected by the OYY Board from among the students who stand for election.

Oulu Business School management group 2024-2025
Jarno Siivola
Ly Nguyen (vice member)

The University Collegium 2024-2025
Chenhao Song
Ly Nguyen (vice member)

Membership of the University Collegium is for two years and is one of the most influential bodies of the university. The powers of the University College are laid down in the University Act and include overseeing the activities of the University Board. The members are elected by the Assembly.
OYY board members (business students):

Juuso Säkkinen

Oulu Business School bachelor program committee 2024-2025
Matias Schroderus
Onni-Joonatan Matilainen

Oulu Business School international bachelor program committee 2024-2025
Milla Tiri

Oulu Business School master program committee 2024-2025
Kamaldeep Kaur Randhawa
Juho Väärä

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