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Annual Ball

Finanssi celebrates its past, present and future annually at the beginning of October. As a part of the celebration, the committees and clubs organize many kinds of events to make the Anniversary Week special each year. The celebration is coordinated by the Head of Projects together with the Project Committee.

”The Annual Ball is an academic tradition that everyone should experience at least once during their studies.”

The week culminates in a formal evening party. The evening party is an academic tradition, a black-tie event where the participants enjoy a three-course meal, awards are given to commendable Finanssi members and, most importantly, our beloved Finanssi and the whole Business School community in Oulu are celebrated.

The evening party is mostly intended for second-year and more senior students. Our freshmen are welcome to enjoy the celebratory atmosphere by joining the workforce. The workforce for the party is recruited about one month prior to the event.

Annual Ball Week

Cocktail event

In this formal event organized on the day of the evening party, invitees present their greetings to the current Board of Directors. This event is only for corporate relations VIP guests.

Evening Party

The evening party is a formal academic dinner party consisting of a three-course meal and some program. It is customary for the guests to arrive at the venue well before the official beginning of the event. This way, each guest has enough time to find their place in the seating chart, mingle with other guests, get themselves photographed with their companion and enjoy the bar. The flow of the party is traditionally structured by speeches, singing and toasts. In addition, awards are given to the most commendable Finanssi members. All this is accompanied by not only a three-course dinner, drinks, and also band music to which the guests may enjoy a dance or two at the end of the party.


Directly after the evening party, busses are waiting to take the guests to the official after-party.

Sillis, the ‘Morning After’ Breakfast

The party never ends! Or at least not before the following morning. After the evening party and the afterparty, a sillis is held. Despite its name, sillis, short for silliaamiainen (Finnish for herring breakfast), doesn’t mean eating pickled fish.

At the sillis, guests wear the party overalls and other theme-based costumes and accessories. It is impossible to say beforehand what will happen during the sillis, but you can definitely expect an outdoor hot tub and a party that doesn’t end before the final bus leaves, and maybe not even then. People usually say that “the sillis is the best time of a person’s life”, and they aren’t wrong.

The bus transportation to the sillis usually starts from the Oulu Marketplace Square in the city centre. The most important information channel for the whole anniversary week and the sillis is Facebook, where the Project Committee will publish one event for the anniversary celebrations and another one for the sillis about one month prior. Remember to like Finanssi’s Facebook page to be the first to hear about our new events.


The evening party follows the traditional black-tie etiquette.  Click here for more information about the evening party etiquette (in Finnish) or ask any Finanssi Board Member.