Finanssi organizes events throughout the year from parties to business related events

Our largest events are the monthly Interdisclipinary Overall party, Öllövelli pub crawl, monthly Sitsi -paries and the trip to Ruka. Some events are open to all and some only to Finanssi members. You’ll always find this information, as well as the ticket prices and sales channels on the Facebook-events, also in English.

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  • Cocktail

    21.10.2021  20:00 - 00:00

  • Finanssin Viidakkositsit

    22.10.2021  18:00 - 23:00

  • Finanssin Halloween

    30.10.2021  08:00 - 09:00

Interdisciplinary Overall Party

The Overall Party = Poikkitieteelliset haalaribileet, are open to all students and non-students in Oulu and are a great way to meet new people. At this party, the usual attire is student overalls, which are different colours for each field of study. We recommend buying a ticket in advance, as this party usually sells out.

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Sitsit are organized by NESU and are an “academic table party”.


“Laskiainen” is a traditional Finnish holiday which includes sledding down hills and eating “laskiaispulla”, which is a bun with whipped cream, jam and almond filling. For Finanssi the execution of Laskiainen varies each year, but usually includes laskiaispulla’s, sauna, and an afterparty.

“House party” at Teekkaritalo

Teekkaritalo is a building located in Kaijonharju and has parties weekly. Finanssi organizes parties for its own members there once or twice a year. Usually the parties at Teekkaritalo are open for anyone to join with an entrance fee of a few euros.


VVV-cruise is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The event is not organized every year, but when it is, you can know it from spotting Börje wearing a lifevest at parties. This cruise is meant for buying your Vappubooze taxfree, from a ship that sails to Sweden.


Öllövelli is an interdisciplinary pub crawl organized each April.


Vappu is the main event for Finnish students. Vappu Day, or May Day, is 1.5., and comes after a few weeks of Vappu-parties. On Vappu Eve and Vappu Day, everyone wears their graduation caps.

Annual Ball

Finanssi was founded in 1991 and each fall we celebrate its birthday with an annual ball. The ball consists of a formal evening party and an afterparty, and is followed by the next day’s “sillis”.

Trip to Ruka

This cabin trip to Ruka is the highlight of the year for many. Finanssi rents out an entire cabin village for this trip, but still the tickets are so popular that we queue overnight to get a ticket for this trip.