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Guild Merch

You can purchase Finanssi’s guild merch via online store. The online store will be opened for a specific period once or twice a year. Badges for the overalls and some guild merch you can buy straight from the guild room. You can pay with card or cash. On this page you can see selection of guild products we have on sale right now. From time to time, we are launching new guild merch.
If you want some old guild merch to be back or have an idea for totally new merch, please contact the Head of Social Affairs. If you have any questions, please contact the Head of Social Affairs.

Clothes and accessories

Sweater, 36,90€
Available in black and purple
Sizes: XS – XL

T-shirt, 17.90€
Sizes: XS – XL

Brimmed hat, 21,90€


Overalls: 37€
Song book: 12€
Finanssi-socks: 7€
Finanssi-lanyard: 3€
Finanssi-scarf: 15€

Overall patches

3€ /each, 10€ /4pcs