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Our website has a comprehensive amount of information about our organization, many kinds of events and, of course, studies. We publish two weekly newsletters to our members: The Weekly Bulletin is typically published early in the week, announcing all the events for that week. The Job Bulletin, published later in the week, collates all the job listings sent to Finanssi during that week. Both newsletters are sent in Finnish, but f.i. the Weekly Bulletin includes links to Facebook events in which you can find the information in English

You can keep track of all coming events also on our Facebook page.

You can join Finanssi’s mailing lists from the links below. Please note, that most mailings are sent in Finnish.

If you are not receiving the emails despite of joining the list, please contact

Join Finanssi's mailing list

Finanssi on Social Media

Finanssi is very active on social media. Our social media channels mostly convey information about different kinds of events and other current matters. Our Snapchat account is often updated by the members of the board of directors, the committees and our students who are on an exchange. Follow us to keep up with the latest and greatest from Finanssi!





In addition to our public social media accounts, Finanssi has several groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Listed below are all the groups with their descriptions: