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Student tutoring

Hundreds of new students start at the Oulu Business School every year. Most of them study for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Economics, whereas some transfer from earlier studies directly to the Master’s Degree Program. In addition, our faculty welcomes a lot of exchange students each semester. This means that our organization consists of students studying for different degrees. Each of these groups of students has their own student tutors.

Tutoring Groups and the Kummi Program

At the start of their studies, new students are divided into tutoring groups, led by a student tutor. The tutoring is at its most intensive during the first few weeks. During those weeks, the student tutors help the newcomers with the university customs and support them during their early studies as well as on their free time. One of the main values of Finanssi is comradery: we want each student to feel like they belong in our purple family! It is important for our guild that everyone feels welcome to join our activities. The student tutor program is headed by the Head of Academic Affairs on Finanssi’s board.

A tutor for exchange students and Master’s Program students (a.k.a. +2 students) is called “kummi”, which literally means godfather or godmother in Finnish. Like other student tutors, kummis also guide and help our new students at the beginning of their studies at the university. They welcome the exchange students to Oulu at the beginning of the academic year. The Kummi Program is headed by the Head of International & Masters’ Affairs on Finanssi’s board.