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Culture and Sports


We want to offer our members fun experiences with like-minded people in our cultural activities, often at discounted prices. The cultural activities Finanssi organizes are e.g. movie nights, theatre plays, hockey matches and stand up shows.

As with other events, these cultural events are also announced via Facebook and e-mail. Be sure to also follow Finanssi on Instagram and Snapchat, as these channels also convey important information about our activities!


In addition to culture and sports, Finanssi aims to support the well-being of its members through various well-being events. Well-being events include different workshops and webinars, as well as a well-being week during which several enjoyable and relaxed events are organized to promote well-being through various themes.


Finanssi tries to organize sports and culture possibilities for the members. We have a Telegram group “Finanssin liikuntaryhmä” for those, who are interested in sports. Either Finanssi or our spare time clubs also organizes demo classes for different kinds of sports and participates interdisciplinary competitions whenever possible. These events are typically announced via Facebook and e-mail.

In addition to what Finanssi has to offer, UniMove offers different kinds of possibilities, courses and demo classes. At the moment we are trying to improve our sports possibilities for the better.
We announce the future changes via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram) and e-mail.