Club activity

The members of Finanssi may form clubs that exist under Finanssi. The main idea of clubs is to organize free-time activities such as sports, culture and other hobbies for members of Finanssi. Club activities are open to everyone and anyone with enough enthusiasm can form a club. Club activities are managed by the Head of Social Affairs, who can help with any matters related to clubs.

How to found a club?

The founder of a club must develop an idea for their club and get at least 5 Finanssi members to support the club and sign the support sheet. This way we ensure that there is a demand for the club. The Finanssi members who support the club must be willing to participate in its activities if the club is formed. The founder of the club is also the person in charge of the club and must write a plan of activities. The plan must clearly state the purpose of the club, what kind of activities they organize, how often they meet and how long the club will be active. The person in charge may apply for financial support up to 500 Euros from Finanssi. To be applicable for financial support, the person in charge must write a financial plan to show what the money will be used for.

Please discuss more with the head of Social Affairs to learn more about forming a club and the rules of Finanssi’s clubs.

Current clubs at Finanssi

Finanssin Pallo

FOKI / Finanssi Beer Club

FOKI, The Finanssi’s beer club is operating under Finanssi for the friends of beer. Our mission is to expand the knowledge of different kinds of beers, teach people how to brew a good beer and allow people to indulge in a variety of beers. Beer is what brings people together.

Investors Club

Investors’ Club (Finanssin sijoittajaklubi) is a club, whose purpose is to gather all those interested in investing to discuss matters related to the subject. It is also our intent to develop the investment expertise of Finanssi’s members’ community in partnership with our local and national partners. The Investor’s Club is a low-threshold club that welcomes all members of Finanssi, regardless of their starting year or level of knowledge.

Finanssi Beer Pong

Finanssi Beer Pong club has been created for richening the student life of Oulu. We are aiming to be active in Finanssis own events providing relaxed Beer Pong games, tournaments and all of the different variations that can be played. Our games are open to everybody including students outside of Finanssi, the only requirement for playing is to bring your own drinks.

Fishing and Wilderness Club

The purpose of Finanssi´s fishing and wilderness club is to provide events in the field of wilderness and fishing. We are planning to organize interdisciplinary ice fishing competitions, as well as trips to the wilderness of Finland. Everyone is welcome to join us on our trips!

Winter Swimming Club

Swimming in “avanto”, which essentially is a hole in the ice, is a traditional winter activity in Finland. This newest club will organize winter swimming events and we warmly recommend joining!


Finanssi Fitness Club’s purpose is to bring together people interested in sports.

Don’t take the club’s name too seriously! Our club is not only for sweaty sports events but also hanging out with each other. 

FPV – Finanssi’s Peliveikot

FPV or Finanssi’s PeliVeikot brings together members of Finanssi that are interested in all sorts of games. The club will host events such as board game or drinking game nights. The club will organize their own events or take part in the events organized by Finanssi. The biggest project of the club is to create a Finanssi themed game.