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NESU Events

Sits parties

Sits parties are academic table parties, where we sing, eat, drink and get to know new people. A finnish student life’s must experience!

NESU Conference

The main function of NESU is to organize semi-annual conferences in some Nordic university city. Every spring and autumn, NESU-members from different Nordic countries gather to spend a week together and participate in different activities. Conferences play a very important role in enhancing the inter-Nordic relations of NESU-members and in supporting networking and co-operation.

Every conference has a specific theme and the program of the conference week revolves around this theme. Themes are chosen by the organizing team and they relate to business studies. The theme of the week will be discussed in company visits, lectures, and workshops.

Besides this formal program, the week includes also a more relaxed evening program. This enables participants to get to know each other better and form even wider networks between Nordic business students.

Other NESU events

Other NESU events organized in Finland are NESU-Dagen organized in January, Wappurundi with traveling through different cities in April and the Summer Cottage party organized in August.